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Big and Little
0814 Big and Little

Big and Little are almost twins except Big has very crossed eyes which give her a sweet, goofy expression.  There seems to be some canine DNA mixed in among the feline in this family.  Big and Little both LOVE to play fetch!!  They will bring their favorite toys back to your lap over and over again begging you to continue the game. 

Both of these girls are a bit shy with strangers but become very affectionate purr monsters when they get to know you. When Little isn't playing she devotes herself to keeping her foster mom's lap warm--as long as she gets a tummy rub in the process. 

Aside from sharing lap space, they enjoy playing soccer, tag, wrestling and following their human around the house.  Both Big and Little like to "help" their foster mom with everything she does and seem quite puzzled when she declines their assistance (it can take MUCH longer to make a bed when they are helping!!).

Big tends to be the first one to come around and check you out.  Little allows Big to be the "crash test dummy" and jumps in after every thing seems safe. 

They would probably be happiest in a fairly quiet home but would quickly make that home a bit less quiet and a lot more fun.

Won't you make Big and Little a part of your family? Fill out an adoption application and you could be hanging out with these adorable Flame Points in no time!


Sorrel’s Fund

Sorrel sitting

Sorrel’s Fund was created to provide an ongoing means of providing special care for special cats.  Established in May, 2011 with a generous donation from a long-time Siamese lover and rescuer, Paula Weber-Lohmeier, Sorrel’s fund is designed to help Austin Siamese Rescue cats in long-term foster care obtain special medical care that often can’t be covered by the rescue’s adoption donation fees.  ASR’s adoptions fees only cover a small portion of the veterinary cost of testing, spay/neuter and other basic costs required for adoption. 

By contributing to Sorrel’s fund, you can continue the tradition of supporting Siamese Rescue cats in need and recognize a beloved pet, person or group. Your contribution, whether large or small, enables ASR to continue to help cats receive the necessary veterinary care they need over and above the standard vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, micro-chipping, and testing.

Some of the types of care funded through this memorial include:

  • Veterinary Lab Work, Surgery

  • X-rays, Ultrasounds, Specialty care

  • Prescription Drugs for asthma diabetes, thyroid, kidney, and other chronic cat diseases

  • Dental cleanings, extractions (particularly necessary for older cats in rescue)

  • Long-term wound or surgical rehabilitation care

  • Other extraordinary veterinary expenses that exceed the norm

Recognizing your beloved one with a donation is easy through PayPal or a personal check. Donation receipts and memorial notes will be provided to the donor and/or loved ones as requested.  Donations of $50 or more will be recognized on the Sorrel’s fund memorial page of the Austin Siamese Rescue website. For donations above the $100 level, ASR will also post a digital photo of your remembered loved one on our Rainbow Bridge.

About Sorrel

Sorrel 1Adopted from a high-kill shelter as a teenaged kitten just before scheduled euthanasia, Sorrel was a dilute blue-cream tortie Siamese mix with deep blue eyes.  Her mischievous outgoing personality personified “Tortitude.”  Sorrel was sweet and funny, but suffered from underlying medical conditions that may have led to her having been surrendered in the first place:  Asthma, stomatitis, food allergies, and more seriously, cardiopulmonary inflammatory issues that contributed in no small way to her final illness.  While Paula, an experienced owner and cat rescue foster, could afford Sorrel’s care, she realized that other owners/foster parents would not be so fortunate, and cats with Sorrel’s conditions would quickly deplete a rescue’s or future owner’s finances.



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